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  • PCB Testing Offline AOI Machine-ZW 500B
PCB Testing Offline AOI Machine-ZW 500B

PCB Testing Offline AOI Machine-ZW 500B

  • Dimension:960*1230*1400 mm
  • PCB Size:30x30-450x330mm
  • Inspection Component: 01005 chip
  • Weight:Aprox. 500kg
  • Product description: PCB Testing Offline AOI Machine-ZW 500B, Dimension:960*1230*1400 mm, PCB Size:30x30-450x330mm, Inspection Component: 01005 chip, Weight:Aprox. 500kg,

PCB Testing Offline AOI Machine-ZW 500B


Software and hardware upgrades, more options and special items to meet higher quality inspection needs
The vector analysis algorithm and the multiple detection algorithms are combined to achieve the best detection side capability.
The full version matches multiple pieces of detection at any position.
Smart camera barcode recognition system (identifying 1D code and 2D code).
Multi-line monitoring system, all production line production status is clear.
The remote programming and debugging control functions are used together, and the software control performance is stronger.
A powerful SPC statistical analysis system.
The marble platform design makes the equipment more stable and runs more smoothly.

Inspection System & Optical System

Inspection Object

Skew / Tombstone / Wrong part / Missing / Overturning / Damaged /
Cold joint / insufficient solder / Excess solder

Inspection Component

01005 chip , IC pin(0.3mm pitch), wave solder

Inspection Method

Full color image statistic analysis, OCP, IC bridge analysis, color linear analysis color non-linear analysis, similarity analysis, black-white ratio analysis, intensity analysis


Color CCD (1.45MPa Pixels), Resolution 20um, FOV 20*20mm (customized), speed:2000mm²/s

Light Source

RGB Ring Multi-angle LED combination lighting, high brightness, standard CCTV lens, DOV 2mm

Software & Computer


I5 CPU, 8G, GPU graphics, 16G RAM, 128G solid state drive, 1TB mechanical hard drive,22-inch LCD widescreen display

Mechanical System

PCB Thickness

0.3 - 5.0 (PCB Warpage < 5mm)

PCB Width

30-380mm (can be customized)

Driving Method

AC Servo Motor+ball screw rod+linear guide rail

Motion Speed

Max 700mm/s

PCB Clamp



AC220V / 50Hz, UPS 1000W


960*1230*1400 mm